January 27, 2023

Police ‘Reform’ Failed Tyre Nichols

Police ‘Reform’ Failed Tyre Nichols

Media Contact: Noble Frank, noble@mnfreedomfund.org, (952) 353-6930

MINNEAPOLIS – In response to the release of video footage showing Memphis police officers beating and killing Tyre Nichols, the following is a statement from Mirella Ceja-Orozco and Elizer Darris, Co-Executive Directors of the Minnesota Freedom Fund:

“The brutal beating and killing of Tyre Nichols by police should move every human of conscience to grief, to rage, and to action. We are thinking of Tyre’s family, who are forced to relive their son’s death with the release of the video tonight.

We acknowledge the charges against the officers who killed Tyre. At the same time, we affirm that so-called ‘accountability’ after yet another Black life has been taken is not enough.

After police murdered George Floyd in Minneapolis and the world watched George Floyd’s final moments under the knee of former officer Derek Chauvin, our leaders promised transformative change. Tyre’s murder, and the many other police killings that have come since, make it clear that lawmakers are not living up to their promise.

As an organization that rose to prominence in a moment of racial uprising and resistance, we are committed to supporting our neighbors who choose to make their voices heard. We join our community in grief and rage, and we stand ready to pay the bail of any person who is arrested and incarcerated while protesting in pursuit of racial justice.”

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