January 5, 2023

Biden Immigration Policy Continues Trump’s Moral Failure

Biden Immigration Policy Continues Trump’s Moral Failure

Media Contact: Noble Frank, noble@mnfreedomfund.org, (952) 353-6930

MINNEAPOLIS — President Joe Biden today announced a series of immigration policies aimed at preventing asylum-seekers from entering the country at the southern border and punishing poor, disproportionately Black and brown immigrants with incarceration and deportation. Minnesota Freedom Fund co-executive director Mirella Ceja-Orozco issued this statement in response:

“Despite what President Biden implied today, people seeking asylum to the United States don’t do it because the process is too easy. They do it because the conditions they’re fleeing are too threatening.

Their goal is not to take advantage of a supposedly “permissive” system. Their goal is simply survival.

Confronting such a situation with a militarized response, rather than a humanitarian one, is a profound moral failure for this Administration and further erodes this country’s supposed commitment to supporting legal migration and protecting asylum seekers. It is also a proven policy failure, resemblant of the Trump Administration’s policy, that will never prevent people whose lives are on the line from seeking refuge in the U.S.

Despite our disappointment, we will continue to challenge these policies that seek to punish immigrants through incarceration and deportation when they’ve done nothing wrong but had a desire to survive.”

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