Pledge to Support Pre-Trial Fairness

MFF Action believes that no one should be jailed simply because they don’t have enough money in their bank account. That’s why we’re building a grassroots movement for pre-trial fairness in Minnesota. And we need every one of our supporters to join us.

We’re rallying every Minnesotan who believes in fairness, justice, and equity to end wealth-based and racist jailing in our state. We know the pre-trial system criminalizes poverty and incarcerates Black and brown people at staggering rates. We know this system requires direct intervention until it can be eliminated altogether. Lawmakers, advocacy groups, and everyday Minnesotans are coming together to share this knowledge and work towards ending cash bail and creating true pre-trial fairness. Join our campaign if you believe that a person's wealth shouldn't decide whether they stay in jail or go home to wait for their trial; that data about powerful systems like the pre-trial process should be public; and that bail money paid to free someone should be the property of the person who paid it.If you’re ready to join our fast-growing campaign, add your name to our petition and make the pledge to end wealth-based jailing in Minnesota.